What is Medical School Like?

Here is an update on what’s going on with our website and also with my academic life 🙂

For one, I have completed and received my first exam in medical school and my first graded meeting with a standardized patient. I also survived through the East-coast hurricanes, some tornadoes, my car breaking down, and dropping my phone in the toilet. Ordinary life tasks, events, and disasters unfortunately do not stop when you’re in medical school; that hasn’t been easy to accept, but I’m truthfully thoroughly enjoying school.

I am still planning on releasing the podcast on a weekly basis, but last and this week have just been incredibly busy. The rumors are true – in medical school you have to work extremely hard just to be average.

A normal day in medical school is about 7 hours of lectures/lab + an optional meeting of a club/organization of your choice, and then another 5 hours of studying until you feel like you’ve grasped as much information as you possibly can. One of my school’s faculty members recommended studying until you are truly ready to call it quits, then just tack on 15 more minutes of studying. This gives you an edge of about 2 hours per week over people who aren’t using this strategy.

Check out this comical video of what I hope you all will never aspire to be: