Sorting the Good Apples From the Bad: Pesticides

Another food post! I suppose I am obsessed with eating food.. healthy food. Eating vegetables and fruits daily has many benefits. Not only do you stock up on vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and more, but you also lose weight because you would otherwise stuff your face with fries and Baconators. Consuming some vegetables, like celery, actually burns more calories than they contain. Beware, however, pesticides are your local farmer’s favorite ally.

Pesticides protect the crop and increases the harvest by up to 30% (I actually have no other source to support this than a friend of mine who is an organic strawberry and blueberry farmer). Once in your stomach, however, they can be extremely harmful since they were engineered to burn pretty holes into your cheerful backyard cricket’s belly. Beware which fruit you buy; it may really pay off to buy some organic and others not. Apples, for example, should be organic, whereas onions or pineapples generally are not sprayed as much.

Here is a list that is worth paying attention to when it comes to pesticides:

Clean vs Dirty Vegetables and Fruits


Vegetables and fruits with shells and peels that are removed before consumption are also much safer.This is why mangos score high whereas apples low. Onions grow underneath the earth, another protective layer. Bon Appétit!