Turbines Replacing Heart – Life without a Pulse?

heart stop beating
Two doctors from the Texas Heart Institute replaced the heart of Craig Lewis, 55 with a mechanical heart. He continued to live for a month and died a week ago from organ failure.

According to the doctors Craig Lewis died from other complications and the underlying disease, not the device, which consists of pipes and two turbines. The mechanical heart was no regular pacemaker, it functioned entirely different and has been tested on about 50 calves. It would certainly be interesting to evaluate the device’s effect on Craig’s prolonged life and death.

I’m not sure what to think of this entirely. We already have pacemakers, but something about this video is intriguing. Will we have mechanical organs readily available in the future? It seems like we are still very far away from such technological advancements. Supposedly the biggest promises are in stem cell research and gene therapy, and indeed these treatments seem to have gotten safer than in the earlier stages. Of course, this would be a biological approach! Check out the video below!