The Beauty of Albinism

Rick Guidotti, a former fashion photographer, and Diane McLean, MD, PhD are working together to shed light on what beauty truly is. Rick quit his work shooting with famous models like Cindy Crawford after an encounter with a self-conscious, shy girl with albinism. He was already growing tired of the monotony of broadcasting how easy it is for celebrity fashion models to be seen as beautiful.


One day Rick was walking down the street when he saw a beautiful, white-haired, pale-white young girl shyly enter a bus with her head down. He tried to run and catch her to tell her, but it was too late. Instead, he researched. He found out that the girl he saw had albinism, and the images of this medical “disease” in medical textbooks and Google searches haunted him. How could the medical field depict such beautiful, innocent children with genetic differences as subjects, strewed across an empty wall, arms outstretched, and eyes censored by black squares?


The girl Rick saw had albinism, a disorder in which one cannot produce melanin, a compound that gives skin and hair color. Rick began searching for ways to broadcast how beautiful genetic differences can be, and he has given many people a confidence in their own skin that they never thought they could have before.

Here is a quote about his work:.

“It isn’t rare for people to need a reminder to appreciate the beauty around them. However, our senses have been conditioned. Even when we are open to experiencing beauty, we find ourselves referring back to socially constructed frames that provide a one-size-fits-all template for easy and shallow categorization. Your work challenges these constructs. Utilizing a combination of inspiring photographs and words, you capture and communicate the captivating essence of beauty in being unique. You represent beauty as a face, a story, a struggle, a dream – a person.” – Sara

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  1. Nadja

    I absolutely love this article! I appreciate game-changers like Rick Guidotti, who stand up for what they believe in. Maybe in a few years we’ll find his work in pictures of medical books under albinism?

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