Swiss Artist Ursus Wehrli

As NPR noted, there is Tidy. Very Tidy. And then there is Totally Obsessively Deranged Tidy.

For those of you who are OCD, I know you will love this. Swiss Artist, Ursus Wehrli, likes to sort and tidy things. He is probably putting his paperclips all in a row right now and bagging m&m’s by color. That’s what he does, whether it’s alphabet soup, cars, or people.
Is it good to be obsessive to get into medical school? You can argue for or against this. In short, while an obsession can help you to stay on top and get the most out of everything, it can also hinder you to experience freedom and peace about your choice. More freedom could lead to more resourcefulness, creativity, or, slacking. 🙂 Have a good weekend, everyone!

Alphabet, please?