Breaking Ramen

Here’s another recipe, perfect for the busy, hungry student! It is quick and easy, yet nutritious and healthy. I know Ramen Noodles are extremely popular, and they’re quite hard to turn down for just 20 cents a package! I had a brief affair with Ramen during my freshmen year in college. You know, when the cafeteria closes at 7, you need to eat at 6PM. Then, when you study until 1AM, you usually get hit by a hungerbeast at 11PM.

Considering their poor nutritional value and bombastic sodium content, I think one should think twice about allowing Ramen into your pan or even stomach. This is a very simple noodle soup that is delicious and will warm your soul on a chilly winter night :). You can make it in 10 minutes.

Classic noodle soup with delicious bread. A wholesome meal.

Fresh Noodle Soup
1-2 Eggs
2-3 cups of Water
1/4 of a package of noodles
Bullion/Better than Bullion

Depending on how much soup you want, bring 2-3 cups of water to a boil and the boil your favorite noodles accordingly, cooking time is stated on the package and varies. Add the bullion, or better than bullion because it is actually healthier, and stir in the egg(s). Make sure you stir well and cook for an extra minute. Serves 1 person.

And that’s it! Perfect for cold or rainy days, or when you have so much studying to do that you can’t waste a lot of time. If you have more time, you could simply add some chicken, carrots, basil, etc, but it really tastes delicious as is.