Get into Medical School Podcast 1

Dear community, I am extremely excited for my first podcast, one of many to come. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I had creating it. We try very hard to give you the best information there is about the pre-medical and medical field. We make sure our content is fundamentally backed by research. The first episode today deals with pre-medical studies, majors in college, the MCAT, studying habits & more! 🙂

In detail:

What we are about.
Picking the right major for college.
How to be a kick-ass pre-medical student.
An introduction to the MCAT: What it is, and what it’s not.
How to study for the MCAT.
What’s next?

I am planning on podcasting weekly, so stay tuned if you like what I’m doing!


4 thoughts on “Get into Medical School Podcast 1

  1. Lanae Wells

    Thanks so much!!! Subscribed and following. There was a lot of useful information. Even for lifestyle although you tried to be vague it was pretty clear live a HEALTHY lifestyle for your admissions and future patients! C: A question for the next podcast or post and it’s kind of time sensitive: Extracurriculas? Should I do sports, student government, clubs ect? I’m going to start oreintation on the 30th and school on the 5th! Thanks Naomi…Also my mom is investing in the MCAT Gold Standard for me for Christmas. Is this too early? You said three months ahead, I’d be three years ahead is that bad? I’m planning on using your MCAT schedule.

    1. Naomi Post author

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the podcast, and congrats on beginning your college career! You’re right, living healthy is key to becoming and being a physician.
      To answer your question, extracurriculars are both fun and beneficial to get involved in. Maybe you played a sport in high school that you want to continue with via intermurals or some related club. I would definitely get involved in at least one club non-medically related and possibly another medically related club or association. Extracurriculars show medical schools that you are well-rounded, social, and can use a sport/activity/interest along side of a rigorous pre-med workload to relax and manage stress.
      To answer your next question, investing in MCAT prep books during your first year of undergrad might be jumping the gun. It sounds like your mom is going to be a great support anchor for your endeavor, but I would definitely hold off on MCAT prep books until you’re ready to really crack down and study for the MCAT. Right now you just have to focus on your classes and begin to find volunteering positions through your college’s pre-med/pre-health committee. Cheers!

  2. Lanae Wells

    Thanks for the advice, I’m just so nervous about the MCAT because the SAT / ACT stumped me almost completely…thanks so much for this site it’s really helpful although my internet has been down for the past week :c it’s really insightful and hopefully I’ll remember to bring my headphones to library so I can listen to your second podcast!!! Erm, I have one question though what classes would you recommend outside of general chemistry / biology / physics / math classes…I read that humanity classes like psychology and English have been helpful. What do you think?

    1. Naomi Post author

      Hey Lanae,
      Humanities are good if you aim to minor in a humanities subject. However, taking random humanities will probably not help you in preparing for the MCAT or medical school. If you have electives and you’re not minoring in anything (could be anything as long as you are passionate about it), then I suggest electives such as genetics, bio chem, ecology, various chem classes, any anatomy or physiology classes. The best way to prepare for the MCAT right now is doing well in your science classes! Good luck and let me know how it goes :).

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