MCAT Changes Starting in 2015

This is a pertinent blurb from the AMAWire, the online news journal of the American Medical Association:

Changes to the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) will ensure that medical school applicants receive a wide-ranging education that enables them to communicate well with patients and understand the many social and behavioral factors that affect health, according to the Association of Medical Colleges.

Starting in 2015, the MCAT will include two new sections: One will be knowledge of psychological, social and biological foundations of behavior; the other will cover critical analysis and reasoning skills. The writing portion will be eliminated, and the overall exam time will increase to more than six hours.

Visit the Association of Medical Colleges website for more about the revised MCAT. Also, view a story by American Medical News about the test’s changes. The story includes comments from Darrell G. Kirch, MD, president and CEO of the Association of Medical Colleges.

This is especially important for those choosing their electives or deciding a major in undergrad now. Make sure you get those social sciences in!