Food for the MCAT

Some people say it doesn’t matter what you eat on the day of the MCAT, or that you should just treat it like any other test. These people are naive and haven’t grasped the concept of total MCAT warfare.

Well, some people might not obsess on every single aspect of the MCAT, but keep in mind that the MCAT is the highest hurdle to jump on your way to medical school admissions. In addition, few academic tests are 8 hours long and require fingerprinting.

Recommended Food for the MCAT

Nuts: peanuts, cashews, almonds, trailmix, etc.
Fruit: bananas, grapes, apples, etc. (dried or fresh)
Sandwiches: cheese, honey, PB&J (I would stay away from meat, even turkey because tryptophan makes you sleepy)
Other: oatmeal, smoothies, larabars, cereal (low-sugar), etc.

Here is why food on the day of the MCAT matters. Whenever we eat, digestion and absorption of nutrients begins. Some food is considered to be energy-rich, while other food is considered to be rather light. Energy-rich, greasy, heavy foods take longer to digest, and it takes the body much longer to absorb it’s nutrients. Carbohydrates for example are easily digestible.

[adsense] This is why you shouldn’t bring a London-Broil steak to the MCAT with you. By the time your body can make use of the steak’s energy, you will already be done with the MCAT. In addition, just think about how much energy your body will tax you in order to break down the steak in the first place! You will most likely end up feeling full, sluggish, and will consequently struggle to focus.