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Two people have recently asked me how good of a product Examkrackers MCAT Audio Osmosis really is. Listening to Jordan and Jon is another learning modality for the MCAT in order to really understand and internalize the different concepts that you need to know. The comprehensive and thorough audio lectures come on several CD’s. Studying with paper and pencil is of course more important, but listening to the CD’s while you are running or driving can help you stay productive and engage your brain differently. Thus, the lectures will help reinforcing materials. The concepts are presented very well, but be warned, they are compact and thorough. This is not a science course that you can take for fun, it’s preparation for the MCAT. Be prepared to take notes and write down any questions. The CD’s are divided into compact, conversational lectures; they easily fit into any already existing MCAT study schedule. If you do decide to get them, make sure you use them only as a supplement.

Some tips when listening:

  • Take notes the first time you listen to the lectures.
  • Write down remaining questions and seek answers online.
  • Come up with your own questions and answer them.
  • There are some errors (almost every extensive science publication has some). Here are the corrections.

Inevitably, there are some cons. For $70 – $150, Examkrackers MCAT Audio Osmosis isn’t among the cheapest MCAT materials. Nonetheless, if you decide to go the home-study route (highly recommended) vs taking an expensive course, you’ll still save a couple thousand dollars. Plus, you can resell them on ebay or Amazon for 60-90% of what you bought them for. Some of the sound effects are slightly annoying. If you don’t dig a Long Island accent, stay away. Personally, I think Southern accents can be way more distracting (no offense), but people’s preferences are of course different.

This is a great extra source to thoroughly integrate the important concepts for the MCAT. If you are easily thrown off by sound-effects, you might not want to buy this. Otherwise, it’s a great tool to broaden your foundational knowledge of the MCAT, especially if you are a visual or active learner. (ADD anyone?) If you have a long commute or you work out a lot, definitely get them – they are worth the money. As all good MCAT materials, they don’t lessen in value, so pick the right materials :). Start with Audio Osmosis, for example.
Amazon Link: Examkrackers MCAT Audio Osmosis.

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