Dr. Mark Weinberger: The Doctor From Hell

Dr. Mark Weinberger completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania and attended UCLA for medical school, after which he completed a prestigious fellowship in plastic surgery in Chicago. He dreamed big, and bought bigger. As he opened his own ear, nose, and throat clinic in Chicago, he reeled in a whopping $3 million per year while spamming the Chicago area with legions of billboards and building his empire.

The “Weinberger Sinus Clinic” invested in the finest medical equipment and frequently bought the priciest, most decadent catered lunches in the Chicago area. Mark gladly borrowed $1 million dollars from his father to buy a new CT machine, while his father rested assured in his old age, knowing that his son would care for him “ceaselessly” in the future.

In 2000, Dr. Weinberger married a woman named Michelle in three different extravagant locations – once apparently wasn’t enough. They held hallowed ceremonies twice in Chicago and once in Italy. As Michelle noticed that their income was increasing exponentially, Mark’s obscure behavior heightened without restraint. He insisted in living a lifestyle with private jets, massage therapists, personal trainers and chefs. He also had blackberries, laptops, and ipods in each room so that he wouldn’t have to carry things from room to room.

The “sinus doctor’s” clinic rolled in hundreds of patients and performed tons of surgeries, many of which were completely unneeded. His incorrect diagnoses lead to 350 malpractice lawsuits and even fatalities. Dr. Mark Weinberger was having trouble dealing with any accusations of being less than perfect, and Michelle was so stressed out from malpractice suits that she lost her 5 and a 1/2 month-old fetus in 2004.

Finally, Dr. Weinberger took Michelle, her mother, and 3 friends on a trip to Greece on their private yacht. The couple stayed on the yacht while their loved ones slept off-shore in a hotel. Mark took Michelle diamond shopping, bought her two expensive diamonds, and went for a jog alone the following morning. Mark didn’t return. He left Michelle with her passport, and enough money to fly home by herself, while the yacht’s captain assured her he was in Paris setting her diamonds into earrings for Michelle’s birthday.

Greek customs seized the ship for an unpaid $40,000 in docking fees, and Dr. Weinberg left his wife with a gross $6 million dollars in debt. Michelle discovered Mark’s book, “How to Be Invisible”, and decided her now infamous sinus doctor husband was not coming back. She filed for a divorce, auctioned off the Weinberger Sinus Clinic, and sold the yacht to keep herself from bankruptcy. All of Mark’s assets were seized by mortgage and creditor companies, and the doctor was no where to be found.

Dr. Mark Weinberger, Runaway

Runaway Doctor Dr. Mark Weinberger was found hiding in the Italian Alps in 2009

Altogether, Dr. Mark Weinberger was charged with more than 350 malpractice suits and 22 federal cases of healthcare fraud. In 2009 the runaway doctor was found by Italian police. He was hiding in a tent in the Italian Alps. Dr. Weinberger pleaded guilty for his actions, which included his failure to detect throat cancer in a woman who subsequently died, and missing the tumor on the pituitary gland of a young girl on whom he was performing sinus surgery before her sinuses were completely formed. Mark Weinberger “mutilated people for money”, according to the trial lawyer, Barry Rooth. Mark may have proved his ability to survive for 5 years on Mount Blanc, but he certainly failed to be an accountable physician.