Daily Bread from the Bread Maker

whole weat braedYes, this article is about bread. Bread because we all eat it – well most of us. Bread is super useful for students, and tasty if it’s made right. My Indian roommate never ate rice – but he certainly ate bread all the time. Similarly, I eat bread about twice a day. According to last week’s AMA Newsletter, the CDC finds bread is actually the top source of sodium in US diet, as well. I have stopped buying bread because commercial bread in the United States is usually awful. When I read this article on whole grains products often actually not being whole grain, I felt affirmed.

For about a year I have been using the Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker, a bread maker, and I can whole heartedly (grainly?) recommend it. Not only have I already saved the cost of continuing to buy bread from the grocery store, I also now control what goes into my bread 100% of the time. I can add flax seeds, sesame seeds, rasins, nuts, etc.

It’s one of the few commercial items that have really improved my life and I would buy it again without doubting my choice. Bread is great for students – you can make sandwiches and take them with you. You can also throw a lot of different things on bread like meatballs, fried eggs, or hot dogs on top, not to mention cold cuts. So yeah, I’m big on bread :-).