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Get into Medical School Podcast 2

This week’s podcast deals with Medical School Interviews:

– What exactly happens at an interview?
– What is expected?
– Questions that you will be asked.
– How to prepare?
– What to wear?
– Make up or not (for the girls ;)?
– Presenting yourself while answering questions.

– Questions that you could ask.

Here is the iTunes-link to the Get Into Medical School Podcast (simply subscribe).


Get into Medical School Podcast 1

Dear community, I am extremely excited for my first podcast, one of many to come. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I had creating it. We try very hard to give you the best information there is about the pre-medical and medical field. We make sure our content is fundamentally backed by research. The first episode today deals with pre-medical studies, majors in college, the MCAT, studying habits & more! 🙂

In detail:

What we are about.
Picking the right major for college.
How to be a kick-ass pre-medical student.
An introduction to the MCAT: What it is, and what it’s not.
How to study for the MCAT.
What’s next?

I am planning on podcasting weekly, so stay tuned if you like what I’m doing!