Caffeine Inhaler

Ever pulled an all-nighter, walk to class through the oxygen-rich cold, sit down ready to take the dreaded exam, and then all of a sudden the sleep-deprived, brutal crash sets in? Exactly 2 hours too early.

Well, there is a solution to this. A Harvard professor invented a caffeine inhaler called “Aeroshot Pure Energy.” Each inhale is equivalent to up to 50 mg of caffeine, roughly 1/3 of what a good coffee would have. It would take about 3 “puffs” to get you into shape just in time for your exam.

Reviews don’t seem too shiny though. Apparently it’s not a true inhaler, only an imitation that shoots out powder. The taste is supposedly bad and a pill might be more effective. There are also other forms of concentrated caffeine like gum or the mainstream “5 hour energy.” I still see some potential for a true inhaler with some flavoring –¬†maybe even with kopi luvak¬†coffee?