Cheating at Brooke Army Medical Center

Not sure if everyone has heard about the radiology cheating scandal at the Brooke Army Medical Center. You can watch the CNN report here.

All of this became public when a 31 year old Army doctor went against the residency program’s tradition to cheat on the exam by memorizing past questions from a database that was created and maintained by the program. A ton of questions from this database appeared on the actual exam, often 1:1, verbatim.

The questions and answers were stored on a military computer server and accessible to all residents. Residents were strongly encouraged by both the program director and faculty members to use the database and memorize the questions and answers for the test.

I think it’s a shame that this happened at such a prestigious program. It is no secret that book publishers and test-prep organizations like Kaplan or The Princeton Review hire people to take the SAT’s and then ask them what exactly was on it. However, when a residency program does this for its own test and even keeps a database it is certainly immoral and unethical.

In addition, I also have a problem with the creators of the test. It seems like they did not change or recreate questions for the exam. This directly puts students that do not want to cheat at a disadvantage because some students will find one way or another to get past exams if the new exams don’t change. Besides, it is also awfully lazy.



As usual it seems like there is a lot more involved. The resident that did the interview with CNN was allegedly kicked out of the program for sexual harassment a while ago. Apparently he had more motives than merely uncovering questionable behavior.