Broke Doctors: The Dilemma of the Private Practice

This week several articles addressed the issue of many private practices closing. Several responses and commentaries were posted on kevinmd as well. The slant is that private practice doctors are facing an uphill battle. Many doctors are even forced to file for bankruptcy and seek employment in a hospital (managed care) for higher income security. Private practices have a much harder time to break even these days because their reimbursement rates are much lower than those in managed care.

broke doctors

Indeed, insurance reimbursements and administrative hassles are one of the first catalysts to the downfall of small private practices. Health care has become such a complex web and is brutal terrain to navigate, especially for private practices. Not only are reimbursement rates lower, but overhead costs can quickly explode because of the ever expanding bureaucratic layers of modern medicine. We need to hear more of  these stories and spread awareness, otherwise private practices will be history – which will effect all of us, but especially people living in rural areas.


While reading the mentioned articles I also stumbled across Dr. Wible’s website, who is currently working on a documentary on improving healthcare at grassroots levels. Contact her if you have an interesting healthcare story!