Art & Anatomy by Walid Aziz Basharyar

The next Frank H. Netter:

This is just one of the many videos hand-crafted, beautifully sketched and thoughtfully explained, by a medical student. I, along with other medical students, draw upon these videos for illustration of tough concepts or different views on anatomy that our medical school professors lack the time to explain during their summarized hour-long lectures.

In case you were wondering, Frank H. Netter, MD, illustrated an atlas that has been very popular amongst both medical school professors and students. Additionally, there are anatomy flashcards used by medical students across the country called “Netter’s Flashcards”. We joke around about how instead of having fashion, national geographic, or sports magazines readily available for reading while on the porcelain throne or before going to sleep, we read our Netter’s. I use my flashcards during lunch breaks at school and as nighttime reading at home.

Basharyar, the illustrator and narrator in these videos, gives me another great resource to help with visualization of anatomy, because, as you may or may not know, cadaver anatomy can be dry, ropey, and have many abnormalities or anomalies. My professors make fun of us, claiming that we are always crying around about how “but it doesn’t look like the atlas!” Anatomy isn’t an easy feat, although I am arguably enjoying it the most out of all the subjects I’m currently taking. Enjoy these videos as you brush up on your anatomy the summer before medical school or during your anatomy course while in medical school.

Don’t forget to get your Netter’s Anatomy Flashcards if you’re learning anatomy now in undergrad (A&P class) or if you want to get ahead of the game before starting anatomy in medical school! Cheers!