200 Days Old

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to give you a brief update on what’s going on with my blog. Get Into Medical School is now just over 200 days old and growing each day. Thank you for all of your support! When I originally planned and made this website/blog I thought about horrible academic advisers, expensive books and spammy forums. It was and is my aim to serve aspiring physicians by providing them with the best premedical information there is, 100% free!

During the last 200 days I wrote a lot of rants and reviews on various current topics, and also finished the MCAT Study Guide (109 Tips & Strategies), MCAT Study Schedule (a 75 Day Schedule) and a brief and condensed version of the guides in how to study for the MCAT (Light Version). These pages have become our flagships and received a lot of attention in addition to news feeds and weekly rants.

I just kicked off a very awesome series that features other students with outlier scores and their experience with the MCAT. It’s called “MCAT Prep Experts“. I am extremely excited for this series and already have several articles ready to be published.

In the near future, I want to start a series with detailed and specific medical school reviews by students who reflect on the pros/cons and uniqueness of their medical school.

We have some great things in the making, so stay tuned if you like what we do!